DaJa View Property Management is a full service management company, serving vacation rentals in the Panama City Beach area. We pride ourselves on having one-on-one relationships with not only our travelers, but our owners as well. We have been told time after time that travelers enjoy our hospitality and care that goes into each property we manage, and they also believe it’s important to deal with a local and smaller company because it provides them with the security of always having us by their side. We have stuck with that to provide renters with an unforgettable renting/vacationing experience.

We have access to some of the best contractors/maintenance teams in the area, and will not hesitate to pull out that arsenal of help when we need fixes at a property. From plumbing to carpet cleaning, landscaping to decorating, we have someone to call for the job and exceed normal standards in doing so.

Cleaning never goes under par as we put 110% care into recognizing the importance of it from a traveler, owner and outside source stand point. We use exceptional products on top of a great attention to detail and will go above and beyond to make sure that the property is impeccably clean time and time again.

We offer 100% management for owners, from taking an initial rental call, to providing access to the taxes in the area that the owner must disperse by using their owners console access. We provide owners with recommendations that we suggest will attract more attention to the property. Owners are provided with exceptional photos from DAVPhotography which shows the beauty that exists at the property. By maximizing advertising that goes with having a vacation rental, we post to major sites like VRBO.com, Facebook, DajaView.com and more!

We strive to create a great name for an owner’s property by doing whatever we can to exceed guest and owner expectations. Our fees to owners fall below the standardized rental company.

Our services include, and are NOT limited to….

  • Delivering constant care to properties even when the property has been empty for a period of time

  • Always organizing & cleaning the property to help maximize renter happiness!

  • Just driven to exceed the owner & renter expectation!

  • A designated Renter Guide specifically designed for each property!

  • Varying coded locks for easy access and added security!

  • Ideal linens provided by us!

  • Exceptional general maintenance within our knowledge!

  • We enjoy providing guests with answers to questions/concern in a timely manner!

…and taking time to do what it takes to make sure every party is satisfied with the end results!

These are just a FEW of the reasons DaJa View Property Management has what it takes to produce outstanding results for owners and travelers!


Looking for property management in Panama City Beach, Florida? DaJa View Property Management